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An in depth study of the book of Revelation. An inside look as to what is to come.

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We would love for you to come and join us on the first Sunday evening of each month at 5pm for a time of family, fun, food and fellowship.

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Can't make it to church? Watch Sunday morning service live each and every Sunday beginning around 11:30 am.

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The Message in the Storm

Psalm 62:1-8 When we’re in the midst of a difficult life event, our instinct is often to react quickly and change things. But God frequently asks us to wait. Take a look at today’s passage. The word wait has a different sense here—it means “pause for further instructions.” It’s not passivity; rather, we must choose to stop …

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When We Are Fearful

John 3:1-6 Isaiah 41:8-20 Throughout the Bible, God encourages us not to be afraid or anxious, because as His children, we have no basis for fear. Of course, there are reasons to be cautious about what we do and where we go, but living in a state of anxiety is uncalled-for. We all have different …

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Freedom From Anxiety

Judges 6:1-16 Anyone who’s struggled with fear and anxiety understands the difficulty of overcoming these emotions. Gideon was a man who experienced great apprehension because he lived when Israel was being oppressed by the Midianites as a result of their rebellion against God. Conditions had become so desperate that Gideon was threshing grain in a …

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