Christmas Stress

This time of year, it is easy for us to get overwhelmed with all the things that go into making this the best Christmas ever (at least until next year). All the shopping, fighting the traffic, trying to find the must have gifts, all the cooking and cleaning to get the house ready for guests or worse, the in-laws. We find ourselves feeling stressed out over Christmas and unable to enjoy the celebration of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.


In this morning’s message, we are going to look at a woman, Martha, who was feeling the same kind of pressure and stress that most all of us feel this time of year. She was busy making sure everything was perfect, after all Jesus was the guest of honor in her home. She expected some help from her sister, Mary. But Mary just sat at the feet of Jesus, listening to His every word. Like most of us, the pressure and stress of the moment got to Martha, and she went to the guest of honor and demanded help from her sister. In His response, Jesus tells Martha, as well as all of us, He says, you are worried and upset about many things, but only ONE thing is necessary. That ONE thing is Jesus. He goes on to tell Martha that Mary has made the right choice and that it will never be taken away from her.


When the pressures of the holiday start getting to you, ask yourself this question, is it for me and my glory? Or is it for Him? After all it is His birthday that we are celebrating. Is it all the work that you are doing to glorify the birth of our Savior? Or is it so people will think more highly of you and all that you do?


When the stress starts to mount. When it feels like you are doing everything all by yourself. Take a moment, relax and sit at the feet of Jesus. Listen to His words, and remember His words will never be taken away from you.