In the Beginning

Text: Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

Introduction: Jesus said that basically seventy five percent of people who hear the Word will not believe in it. Scientists have theories, Christians have myths. The greatest question today is called “The First Cause”. What set all around this into motion or, what created all this around us? Christians believe in God’s Word that has been left and preserved for us. Science is still looking for the answers.

The Bible says that even one come back from the dead, they will not believe. One did, Jesus Christ, and people will still not believe.

We accept God’s love and mercy through faith, believing. God spoke to Moses face to face. God gave us Ten Commandments that we might live in peace with each other, if we would only obey them. Our government was founded on these commandments and is intended to be the foundation for our other laws.

Nature’s Intelligent Design: The Bible states that nature will teach you that there is a God. Paul said that the resurrection is taught in the seeds of plants. You add soil, water, and sunlight equals the trinity of seed resurrection. The complexity of the ecosystems working together shows evidence of a Grand Architect. To assume that all this came about by accident taxes even our finite intelligence.

Man’s Intelligent Plan: For fifty years men have been looking for the God particle. Scientists from over forty countries and about one hundred and seventy computers are analyzing data from the Cern Super Collider, the largest and most expensive machine ever built. Even though the scientists do not believe in the God that we do; they placed a statue of the Hindu god Shiva in front of their main building.

God’s Intelligent Plan: God will not make you love Him, but he has provided a way to Him through His Son’s sacrifice on the cross as payment for all of mankind’s Sin and rebellion against Him. When you hear the story of Salvation the Holy Spirit will show you the truth that we are all sinners that need saving from ourselves. God desires citizens for Heaven and we can enjoy life better now here on earth. Only trust Him.

Conclusion: “In the beginning God…..” You can believe the theories and assumptions of men, or you can believe the historical fact that Christ lived, died on the cross and arose from the dead according to the scriptures. Christ’s disciples died horrible deaths, men will not die for a lie, but they will die for the truth.