The Battle of Faith

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2 Chronicles 20:1-18

Faith sometimes feels like a battle. One day we’re drawn in the direction of trusting God, but then suddenly we’re on the other side, doubting Him. The pendulum of our thinking and emotions can swing from confidence to uncertainty all too easily. But thankfully, God provides a key to stabilizing our faith.

Periods of doubt-inducing fear, anger, or stress are normal for human beings, but as Christians, we have the Spirit’s power to bring these natural feelings under subjection to the Lord. One of the best ways to begin this process is by recalling His nature and promises. When Satan feeds us reasons to doubt, God wants us to draw from our well of scriptural truth because focusing on the Father swings our pendulum to trust.

In 2 Chronicles 20, King Jehoshaphat learned of an incoming attack. Despite an initial reaction of fear, he demonstrated total confidence in God. Calling the people of Judah together, he offered an amazing God-centered prayer.

• He began by praising God as the all-powerful ruler of all the nations
(2 Chronicles 20:6). 
• He recalled how the Lord had fought for Israel in the past
(2 Chronicles 20:7-9). 
• Then based on God’s attributes and previous promises and provision, He requested divine protection in their current situation
(2 Chronicles 20:10-12).

Jehoshaphat didn’t look at the approaching army but at His God. This is a wonderful pattern for us to follow whenever we feel our faith faltering. The more we contemplate the difficulties we’re facing, the bigger they will seem. But if we turn our attention to almighty God, He will be magnified and our faith will grow.

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