We Are a Team

Text: Romans 12: 3-8


Introduction: It is the start of Football Season. Most everyone watches football and picks their favorite team. In today’s text Paul uses the example of the parts of the body as to the workings of the church. The world uses the Team Concept to try and teach that if you are to succeed you must play your position on the team. The world’s team seems to have fallen apart. Jesus said: “A house divided cannot stand.” God’s Word is our playbook. The world doesn’t seem to be able to find theirs.


Pride Goes Before a Fall.

Romans 12: 3 “….to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think;” We call pride “ego” today. We are not a team of one. We are many with certain parts to play on the team. Not everyone can be the quarterback.

We All Have a Place.

Romans 12: 6 “Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us,” Find out where you belong on the team. We all have different talents and abilities.


We as a team have to show up for practice. We need to attend church as part of the team. We grow from the fellowship and encouragement. The sermons let us prepare and study our opponents. (Self, Sin, and the World).


The world team thinks that we are weak and will not win one game. God has shown us the end of the season’s score. (God-everything, World-zero).


Conclusion: Unity is the secret to success. We must work as a team and do our part to claim the victory and overcome the world through God our coach, Jesus our quarterback and the Bible our playbook. Join the winning team, the world hasn’t figured it out yet. You can find peace and happiness in our Lord, Jesus Christ.